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I get it...

You are a high achiever. Yet you can’t help feeling stuck in your job…in your career (maybe even your life).

That sucks. And I want to be completely clear – you’re totally normal and you’re totally curable.

In fact, I would argue that most people that believe they're stuck or burnt out are actually bored out. 

You see, as humans we are all just a collection of vibrational frequencies, and most people's frequencies are stimulated (i.e. keep moving) by learning, being challenged, and then getting rewarded for the success that comes when you conquer those new challenges. 

“There was a time when I struggled too…”

Hi, I’m Erin Hatzikostas – friend, mom, boss and career coach – all rolled into one. I became a corporate CEO at the age of 42. But it wasn’t easy. My personal pattern became painfully obvious about 10 years into my career. Every time I would start to become the go-to expert and achieve amazing results, two little imaginary people would show up on my shoulders:

Person 1: Hey, this is great! It’s so nice that you're no longer having to read emails three times to understand them. And the fires you used to have to fight? Phew, they are barely ashes any more. Enjoy. this. time.

Person 2: Erin, remember when you used to crush things - start new projects, take on challenging clients, wake up in the morning with a million ideas? Well, you're not doing that anymore. And you know what that means; even though things are "easier", you are only "SuperErin" when you are uncomfortable. It. is. time.

And Person 2 always wins. So much so, that I even left my high-paying, successful, and dare-I-say fun job to dedicate my life to helping people like you get unstuck in your career.

After taking this simple, 4-part video course you will:

  • ​Learn 3 powerful ways to land your next job (hint: it’s not in job postings people)
  • ​Get unique and detailed tips on how to go about “networking”
  • ​Be equipped with fun and simple ideas to shock and awe others with your leadership skills
  • ​Kick your fear of “compromise” in the ass; you’ll learn that you can have a big career without compromising everything else
I put together this free video course because, if you’re like me, you have no patience. There is just no way you can spend another second where you’re at.

You know what you need to do. But, well, sort of. You certainly don’t have the time to read through hundreds of books. Or heaven-forbid, you definitely don’t want to go back to school to figure out what the heck is next for you.

That’s why I created Unst*ck Yourself!

Get access to my new FREE video series, “Unst*ck Yourself” and get simple tips that will change your stuckedness immediately

Here’s what people are saying…

Erin’s infectious enthusiasm is a much-needed welcoming light. She not only provided real life steps to take but was understanding having lived and walked in my shoes.

Melissa P.
 I’ve been lucky to learn and grow under Erin's leadership and have found a friend and mentor for life. I would highly recommend anyone else given this opportunity seize it and cherish it – it’s an investment worth paying for!

Jenn P. 
Erin is truly one of a kind. I’ve had exponential growth personally and professionally over the past few years, and she is the reason I have a career and not just a job.

Diana Doerneman
Under Erin's leadership and unrelenting support I have grown more in a short time than in the past 10 years combined.

Stephanie P.

This program helps you get unstuck!

Avoid common career mistakes, and adopt a winning mindset that will propel your career higher!
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